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Hi, I'm James Hastings

Finance has been a passion topic for me for some time.  So, you’re probably asking why I got started in finance as a passion topic and why would you be interested in what I have to offer? I have noticed the trending misfortune of people stuggling in finance. There is a need for more financial awareness and literacy and I genuienly want to help people by providing resources, reviews, blog posts and finance news in once location.

Why I do what I do

Sharing Knowledge

Well, I started out like most people, struggling to make ends meet and fearful of learning more about finances. One day I decided to face that fear and actually learned more about finances that so many average American’s don’t know because it was never taught or learned. Truth be told, do we really ever know anything until we are informed. The problem is the gate keepers like to safe guard this information because it’s job security. Fear derives from what we don’t understand. People that specialize in finance have the rare knowledge that people want because let’s face it. We don’t’ want to work forever, we all want to win the lottery and more often than not, we never get that winning lotto ticket and there is no path to instant riches. Someone needs to provide to you a game plan, a road map to get out of debt, pay yourself first, find ways to earn more money to cover your shortfall on what you need to make and establish a means to have your money grow exponentially.

Helping Others with Free Resources

Majority of the information I want to provide is free and a resource to you. ALL the resources and information I can give you, it’s free. With the exception of FYI Money blog products. No jargon, no technical confusion, just a clear roadmap, simple and sweet as I can provide it, so you can feel confident in your choices and getting a game plan together to independent wealth. Am I right? You don’t care how the car runs to a mechanic, you just want it fixed and running so you can get on with your life and get where you need to go. For everyone it’s to get out of debt, get money saved so you aren’t living day to day, hand to mouth, to a life you can one day wake up knowing that if the AC goes out, you have the money to buy a new one without ever breaking a sweat on breaking your budget.


Making Money work for you

This is what I found about myself and wasn’t alone, there are millions of people that have no working knowledge on money and how to make it. People are living day to day working for money, but not ever getting to a point in their life money can work for them. This became my “WHY” for doing this. This is my passion and this is what I hope to accomplish with this blog, I want to provide to my audience, my reader, a no jargon, no technical confusion, just a clear roadmap, simple and sweet way to a life changing lifestyle as I can provide it, so you can feel confident in your choices and getting a game plan together to independent wealth.

The problem

Americans everywhere are getting more in debt and staying in debt. Americans are unable to get ahead and discover how to build wealth and never go wanting again.  

Here are five good reason to name a few, we as Americans find it hard to get out of the hole:


Keeping appreances cost you money.


You don't prioritize your money, management is everything.


You don't know how, financial illiteracy can cost you potential millions!


You feel they don't have hope to get out of debt.


You aren't on the same page financially with your spouse.

An opportunity for a solution:

Does those 5 problem reasons above sound like you can relate?


At FYI money blog we want to help provide as much clear cut information we can to help you where ever you are financially.


We want to provide a roadmap, break it down in steps to help you out.

Envision what’s next, whats possible

Our purpose driven vision to help people get out of debt, make more money and build wealth for a better future is what drives the FYI community. To service you by being a hub for all things financial, communicated in a way to easily understand. Financials can be scary and intimidating. This is our reason for being. We recognize the need in America for financial awareness. We want to provide all the content, tools and services that can help you get out of debt, save more money or build wealth so you don’t have to worry about money anymore. It’s a journey worth taking together and the destination will be a much better place than remaining stagnant where you are today!

It’s a journey worth taking together and the destination will be a much better place than remaining stagnant where you are today!

James Hastings, FYI Money blog founder

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

I know what you are thinking, why do I care and why am I doing this. Why should I trust you and the information you write about? I am devoted to the cause of helping others get out of debt with laser focus information. There is a ton of informaiton out there. Information overload. But I remain commited to you, the reader in providing essential content that can help you. Authenticity, accountability, trust and high standards are important to us and the community we serve. We provide content that is researched, validated and tested so we can recommend or provide our honest opinion and report to you the reader. 

Our Mission

Is to help you the reader, by providing condensed and digestible content on money and finance to elevate you the reader to within reach your financial goals. Even it that means pointing out beyond FYI to financial experts that can help further enable our own mission. That mission being helping you the reader, our community get help that might be beyond our financial content. Our greater responsibility is to you, the reader. 

Our Vision

Is to provide direction for you the reader, set clear content on various topics within the scope of money and finance. No Matter what age you are or where you are financially, we want to provide content you can take action on to achieve your goals. Whether it is content, tools and training beyond FYI creations, by other providers, we want to get you where you need to be with every and all resources we recommend. We are not financial experts, but we want to provide content on money and finance and point you in the direction of recommended financial experts that can help further enable our own mission. That’s you, the community, our readers. 

Our Core Values

Our commitment to the community

We want to work hard to provide valuable, trusted content to you the reader. Sometimes we might take more time to provide that information, but will do so with our commitment to you, the reader. We are a small entity with limited resources with the best intentions in providing helpful content, with your help from your feedback, and collaboration within the finance community.

Our responsibility to you, the reader

We want to be a money and finance blog that differentiates itself from the competition. We have a fervrent responsibility not only to ourselves but more importantly to our community to provide accurate and trusted content to our readers. Unbiased in our recommendation, but what we have tried out ourselves or comes recommended in the industry. Integrity and responsibility are important that what we recommend mirrors our own commitment to you, our reader and valued community.

We will embrace the process, and put our trust in you, the reader

We will embrace the process by which failure leads to success. We will be open and commited to you the reader to provide honest reporting on our failures as much as our successes. We know all too well, people often learn from others mistakes. Our mistakes can be your potential profits, learn from us so you don’t make the same mistakes. We are not experts and even experts can make mistakes.

We will put faith in you, the reader, that you will understand our very best intentions are in the content we provide. This is how we can all discover meaningful results by sharing our failures and successes. The overall goal is to provide a positive difference with the content we can provide to the lives of our community.

We will devote care and time in providing the best we can provide in reliable content to our community

We want to provide a complete picture of our content to our community. We will strive to remain consistent in the time we can provide valuable content to our community. However, we have limited resources and want to provide the best in content that is digestible and clear to our audience before publishing that content.

We want to provide the best in authentic and enriching content to help the reader with a rich learning experience to keep you coming back. With every content we create, has actionable intention to both empower and encourage our community to take steps to changing your life.

We want to help our community build a life with flexibility in both life and work balance to provide the best in service to our community helping you acheive your goals, which is our aligned mission and vision.