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Hi, I'm Adrienne

I have been in the finance business for some time.  So, you’re probably asking why did I get started in finance and why would you be interested in what I have to offer? Let me tell you more about me and why I’m passionate about finance.

Why I do what I do.

Sharing Knowledge

Well, #1, I started out like most people, an opportunity came along for a job that could support myself and my family. But as I got more into the field and learned so many things that the average American doesn’t know because it was never taught or learned. Truth be told, do we really ever know anything until we are informed. The problem is the gate keepers like to safe guard this information because it’s job security. People that specialize in finance have the rare knowledge that people want because let’s face it. We don’t’ want to work forever, we all want to win the lottery and more often than not, we never get that winning lotto ticket and there is no path to instant riches. Someone needs to provide to you a game plan, a road map to get out of debt, pay yourself first, find ways to earn more money to cover your shortfall on what you need to make and establish a means to have your money grow exponentially.

Helping Others with Free Resources

#2 and it’s a shocker, it free. ALL the resources and information I can give you, it’s free. No jargon, nothing technical confusion, just a clear roadmap, simple and sweet as I can provide it, so you can feel confident in your choices and getting a game plan together to independent wealth. Am I right? You don’t care how the car runs to a mechanic, you just want it fixed and running so you can get on with your life and get where you need to go. For everyone it’s to get out of debt, get money saved so you aren’t living day to day, hand to mouth, to a life you can one day wake up knowing that if the AC goes out, you have the money to buy a new one without ever breaking a sweat on breaking your budget.

The Why.

Making Money work for you

This is what I found about myself and wasn’t alone, there are millions of people that have no working knowledge on money and how to make it. People are living day to day working for money, but not ever getting to a point in their life money can work for them. This became my “WHY” for doing this. This is my passion and this is what I hope to accomplish with this blog, I want to provide to my audience, my reader, a no jargon, no technical confusion, just a clear roadmap, simple and sweet way to a life changing lifestyle as I can provide it, so you can feel confident in your choices and getting a game plan together to independent wealth.

The Problem

This blog aims to address The Problem and we will discuss the topics below.

Why you started. How things were when you first started. Who are your customers.




Introduce the problem


What’s facing most families today


What you can expect


Entice the reader to rise to the challenge. Act

Provide a solution:

We will also help you by providing solutions.


What you and this blog can offer


Road map it

Envision what’s next.

Keep coming back and subscribe to our newsletter. Our goal is to paint a picture for you, the reader. You searched for it, Google got you here, and we hope to sell the vision of how your potential financial future can be simplified and road mapped for you.

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