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Hi, I’m James and on my financial blog I want to use my experience and knowledge to help families get on the financial path they need to become financially bulletproof. I will share what has worked for me in the past, I’m not a financial expert, but I am someone like you that has information I want to share with you to help you. I want to share people with financial hardships and what they did to get in a better financial standing. I’m sure I can relate to you more than someone who would normally charge you for financial advise. No appointment needed, just hop on my blog for the information you are looking for that can help you and your family. For a little more about me, see my ABOUT page.

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Out of Debt and Building Credit


Afford Anything Finance


Investing for Beginners

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Debt Elimination and Building Credit

This is a major obstacle that many families or individuals fall victim to and never really get out from under the thumb of their debts and experience a life time of living paycheck to paycheck working for money and not money working for them.

Personal Finance and Money

Whether you’re single or have a family, your life can be hectic and time limited and spending hours online to comparison shop shouldn’t be one of them. In personal finance and money we show you ways to manage, save and make more money for you and your family. Why devote hours of your limited time to find the best option for your needs? Use us as your resource in this community.

Simplying the Fear of Investing

Earning income before and after retirement through passive income streams. Depending on you building your financial retirement portfolio or you are beyond that and building generational wealth for family legacy.


Financial News



Why life insurance is important to you and your loved ones. In order to answer that question, you need to ask these questions to see if you need life insurance for you and your loved ones. Do you have car insurance?? Do you have insurance on your cell phone?? Do you...



Steps you need to take to the path of financial freedom To really first start on the path to financial freedom you need to recognize what was working for you is really not working for you and it’s time to change up your strategy. Reading up on how you can take steps...

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With articles, advice and updates on a range of financial topics, we can help you finance your independence by getting yourself on track, getting out of debt, planning for the future and getting your money to work for you by earning passive income.

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